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    CTC - European sales and support location for the CTC Parker HMI/PC/Control products from Parker Hannifin. With our main office in Zurich and a trained distribution channel throughout Europe, our sales and support network are here to serve your application needs.


    We can offer you the full range of products and services from CTC Parker USA, a company focused on the HMI product market for over 20 years and offering a full range of both software and hardware HMI solutions for the factory floor to the market worldwide.


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◆    About CTC-PARKER HMI Advantage

  • CTC專業設計和製造的可靠性
  • 功能豐富的互動面板工具,繪圖,報警和網絡模組
  • 擴展交互的軟件模組,如歷史趨勢和先進的配方管理
  • 靈活的 50 +標準通訊驅動程序-包括乙太網驅動程序
  • 程式規劃設計簡單,取代“Drop-in”流行的AB

   Product Series

  • PA2 PowerStation Family

This new PowerStations is CTC- design and manufacture, including 5 ", 6", 8 "and 10" color touch screen display. HMI units combined with interactive software and standard hardware features, such as connectivity, CF card storage, functionality and scalability, RS-232, RS-422/485 and 100BaseT Ethernet port. PA PowerStations allows you to select the right system for your application without sacrificing the functionality you need !


  • P13 PowerStation